Want to replace your existing old kitchen?

A new kitchen that adds value to your property and to you and your families living standards is a great way to improve a key area of your home.

Renovating your kitchen lifts the energy in the home, it allows you to get your house work done more efficiently and with more focus, and makes the entire day seem a bit brighter!

A well designed and considered kitchen plan is what sets Cronulla Kitchens from the competition. Our first class kitchen designers are detail focused, quality-oriented kitchen professionals. Here’s why so many families and home owners choose Cronulla Kitchen Centre to design and create their new kitchen.

Renovating your kitchen is a major investment in any home, no other room requires the same level of investment or has the same level of usage as your kitchen. As the kitchen is the most used room and is the core of any abode, it is important that you don’t underestimate the value it can add to your home.

A kitchen renovation is no longer just freshening up a tired old worn out room, it’s also about creating a lifestyle change, bringing happiness and contentment back into the home and being excited about entertaining once again with your brand new stunning kitchen.


We can help you transform your existing kitchen into something completely brand new. 

Simply Follow the Steps 1 2 3 to Success!


Briefing & Quoting

Firstly, we take a brief from you on your current kitchen and how it has failed you and what are the key elements that you need to address. Ideally we’re here to understand what you want to achieve by renovating your kitchen. We’ll arrange a consultation in your home to assess the current kitchen. We do this for free, and it enables you to openly discuss what options are available. We will provide insight into the various renovation tips and tricks for your kitchen and what is the most appropriate solutions path for you. Our proven design is delivered to you as a comprehensive solutions path that you approve from start to completion.


Choose Colours & Materials

Our experience as Sydney new Kitchen Designers makes the choices for your surrounding colours and materials a pleasant process. We approach the design and development of your new kitchen using key resources and previous business experience to deliver project success for you and your new kitchen. We rely on things like case studies, colour boards and our years of first-hand project experience to  show you different styles and designs that will make it easy for you to explain what you are seeking in your new kitchen.


Work Commences

With a clear brief, and all paperwork neat and tidy we kick off renovating your kitchen. By now we would’ve already arranged the materials, the appropriate colour suite and finishing touches to your kitchen renovation. Our Cronulla Kitchens team get started on your new kitchen renovation project and quickly make progress in the early stages – so you’ll want to make arrangements for small children, pets and any required quiet-time during the renovation process. We will both have a clear vision and Cronulla Kitchens will now know exactly what your end renovation vision is and what your expectations are before we pick up the first tool. And finally, Installation Day! We breathe new life into your kitchen and begin works on what has been quoted, signed off and chosen by you.

Briefing & Quote.

Get a quote from Cronulla Kitchen Centre. We visit your home for a free consultation, talk to each other about what’s not working and with our guidance we will show you creative ways to make it more functional and bring your kitchen back to life!