20 Stunning Dark Kitchen Ideas

20 Stunning Dark Kitchen Ideas

Whether it’s a black, navy blue, charcoal grey or forest green kitchen, darker kitchen colours will help to create a sleek and stylish space that the whole family will love.

From flooring to kitchen larders and even cabinets, get some inspiration from these dark kitchen design ideas to inspire your decorating choices today. There is something here for everyone to fall in love with.

Dark Cabinets.
This monochrome kitchen feels incredibly spacious. The white wooden floorboards complement the matte black cabinets, while the bar area joins the workspaces together providing a space for the family to sit.

Wooden beams and the handmade rug make this countryside kitchen feel incredibly rustic. The dark pop of blue brings an added charm.

Why not match your cabinets to your kitchen island for some serious grown-up glamour? This dark sea-green kitchen unit with gold art-deco-style bar stools feels completely smart.

Here, the beautiful navy cabinets add a touch of much-needed character to this kitchen space. The large windows provide additional light, while the white walls brighten the room.

Floor-to-ceiling cabinets provide practical storage spaces, while extra shelving gives the option to display books, plants and ornaments. The lighter stone flooring helps to counteract the grey matte cabinets — and it’s seriously beautiful.

Dark Wall Colours.
Create a restful colour scheme with dark walls in a kitchen. Whether you choose to match them with your cabinets, or simply opt for a statement wall, don’t be afraid to tap into bold and cheerful hues. You really can’t beat a deliciously dark kitchen wall.

A symphony of greens creates a smart look here, while also adding warmth to a modern home. Insider tip: Match the wall colour to the cabinets for a winning combination you will love immediately.

All-over colour in the kitchen can often be a challenge, but this kitchen’s striking style proves just how it can be done. The traditional bricked wall has been coated in a dark green, with dining room table chairs and cabinets to wonderfully match.

This is the kind of kitchen where you could simply spend hours trialing new recipes. Awash in a delectable fern green, both the ceiling and walls help to create a space that feels incredibly grown-up. There’s nothing low-key to see here and that’s why we love it.

By using the same paint colour on the walls and ceiling, this kitchen feels theatrical yet sleek. Don’t be afraid to embrace the darkest of shades all around your kitchen — it’s a brilliant combination that will keep the guests coming back (the dog in the corner thinks so too).

Dark Kitchen Larders.
This impressive, neatly-stacked pantry creates a practical space to store away dry goods. Folding doors give you the option to hide away items or keep them on display.

A clever pull-out cabinet helps to create space to store cereals, cans, jars and packets of dry food. This is a smart way to make the most of kitchen cabinets, as well as helping to keep everything tucked away neat and tidy.

We love this navy blue free-standing kitchen larder unit that brings in a pop of colour. to a neutral space ‘The trend for dark colours in the kitchen reflects the need for a space in which to entertain friends and family. These darker colours tend to work well for those who enjoy hosting dinner parties or drinks gatherings and are looking for a more luxurious finish in their kitchen,’ explains Doug Haswell, furniture manager.

Here, a smart navy grey pull-out larder-style cabinet helps to provide extra storage space in a small kitchen. The shelves above are excellent for placing standout accessories, and the fridge next door means you’ve got everything you need in one practical place.

The inside storage of this pantry is incredibly functional for neatly storing produce and dry goods.

Dark Flooring.
Another brilliant way to update a kitchen is by opting for dark flooring. It’s a great option when you want to keep your cabinets light and fresh. Choose from dark wood, stone or a vinyl material for a standout look you will be sure to love.

Dark high gloss flooring creates a remarkably grown-up feel. The large floor-to-ceiling windows assist with bringing in additional light, while the raised island provides a functional unit for everyone to enjoy.

We love this dark parquet wooden flooring paired with the rich greens of the panelled walls. It’s remarkably traditional, with an elegant feel that’s worth copying. Looking for kitchen inspiration? This is the first place to start.

Grey flooring in a kitchen can look incredibly sharp. If you’re brave enough, why not match the wall colour in the same shade and accessorise with pops of gold.

‘A dark grey will contrast with stainless steel or copper kitchen equipment and the finished look will be less stark than a white shade. The same dark greys also look great around a window frame, as it allows the eye to be drawn to the view beyond. If you make a bold choice, take time to choose the right shade and go with your heart,’ explains Nelly Hall, Brand Director.

This sleek flooring works wonderfully with the grey cabinets and open shelving units. Top tip: a white ceiling and additional lighting will help to make the space brighter and bigger.

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